Don’t get hooked by phishing: Protecting your business from cyber attacks

Jean-Marie Nievergelt

May 11, 2023

Phishing is a cyber attack that uses social engineering to trick people into giving away sensitive information like passwords, credit card details, or login credentials. It’s a common tactic cyber criminals use to gain access to your company’s data and wreak havoc on your business.

In a phishing attack, an attacker will send an email or message that appears to be from a trusted source, like a bank or a vendor. The message will often contain a link or an attachment that, when clicked, will download malware onto your computer or direct you to a fake website designed to steal your information.

Phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated, distinguishing legitimate messages from fake ones harder. They can even use personal information that they’ve already gathered about you or your business to make their messages seem more convincing.

Knowing the signs of a phishing message is important to protect your business from phishing attacks. Look out for messages that:

Ask for sensitive information like passwords or credit card details
Urgently request that you take action, like clicking a link or opening an attachment
Come from an unfamiliar sender or an unexpected source
Have spelling or grammar mistakes or use unusual language

Training your employees to identify and avoid these types of messages is important to prevent phishing attacks. Please encourage them to verify the authenticity of messages before clicking any links or attachments and to report any suspicious messages to your IT department.

Additionally, consider implementing a cybersecurity solution that can help detect and block phishing attacks, such as email filters or anti-phishing software.

You can keep your company’s data safe and secure by staying vigilant and taking steps to protect your business from phishing attacks. Don’t get hooked by phishing – stay informed and take action to protect your business today.

Jean-Marie Nievergelt is the COO of Cyberion

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